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 For women, there is no better time in history than now to achieve the unachievable of the past


In today’s day and age, women are outpacing men in new business starts, occupying high-level positions in the workplace and hence forced to juggle a multitude of work and family related tasks at the same time. It’s not a wonder women are natural born multi-taskers.

There’s not one woman I know that works out of the house who doesn’t experience a tug of war with her heart everyday that her toddler is passed on to a daytime caretaker, and despite the fact that she may be going to work on something she is truly passionate about, makes it no less difficult.

Over the last 3 years, I have trained myself to use a coping strategy that enables me to release the guilt-ridden feelings I used to have when I kissed my little girl goodbye for the day passing her on to someone else.

The real secret to a balanced life lies in our ability to focus on the moment. I believe that quality is almost always better than quantity (except when talking about chocolate) and this applies on a larger scale to career woman with limited time to begin with. It’s absolutely crucial to be 100% focused on whatever it is you’re engaged with at that particular time and if it happens to be your family, set aside everything else so you are there with your family, mind, body and soul for the time you have allocated to be there.

The same principle applies while at work. You know your kids are safe in the hands of whomever you entrusted them with so there's no reason to fret about their well being because quite frankly, it's a waste of your emotional energy. Instead use this structured way of thinking to make the very best of every minute in your life. It will allow you to accomplish whatever subject matter you're dealing with in that moment and allow you to enjoy each separate aspect of your life, guilt free.

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