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What clients are saying

“You blew our group away. Everyone from our clients at The Toronto Business Development Center to our colleagues walked away richer and more inspired by you and your discussion. Thank you”

David Cohen
The Toronto Business Development Center

“Thanks Ky, you have been a great help and motivator and I was re-inspired by everything you talked about. You have an amazing energy that you share.”

Sherri Skeans
Co-founder, The Phenomenal View

“I want to thank you for your talk. You reminded me that persistence is the key to success”

Maria Carmen Cruz

“Its no wonder everyone wants to be a part of your life. Dynamic, Wise and Kind. Thank you for your continued words of wisdom. You are a real mentor to me.”

Rand Winder
President, The Award Store

What the industry is saying

“Ky is a true role model in business. She succeeded in a business that was dominated by men. She thinks strategically, moves like lightening and makes things happen. I wish there were hundreds more like her.”

Bill Evanov
President, Evanov Communications Inc.

“You must be superhuman. I am amazed at how much you have accomplished and how you inspire everyone.”

Peter Gonzalez
Account Executive

“I have worked with many people throughout my life and I can honestly say that you are a real inspiration. You have the most amazing people skills of anyone I have come across and I’ve come across a lot.”

Glenn McConnell
Former President, Pattison Outdoor Media

“Ky Joseph is a true inspiration to all women on the business side of broadcasting. She is extremely talented, strategic and focused and I am so proud to honor her today with the Rosalie Tromblay Trailblazer Award.”

Liz Janik
Coordinator Canadian Music Week, Trailblazer Breakfast

"Working with Ky was one of the best, most fulfilling times in my professional career! Ky set's the bar high - and inspires those on her team to GO FOR IT! In my own career, I have adopted many of Ky's principals of both personal and professional success. She is a role model, friend and an out-standing advocate for women in senior management in the world of broadcasting."

Veronica Low
Director, Business Development CBS Radio Quebec

“You are like the fairy-god-mother from Cinderella to me, only stronger. I wouldn’t be traveling down this road I am on if not for you. You have been a role model, guide and friend. I respect your strength, drive and most of all, integrity. Thank you.”

Student, Gin Mastrangelo

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