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Be Bangles BELIEVE in yourself
BECOME your dream
BECAUSE you can

I am a believer in the power of intention and feel one's goals must be in plain site daily if they are to be achieved. Be Bangles™ allow women to wear their "passion slogan" where they can see it all day long.

"It's essential to have our objectives top of mind every day so we are reminded to take action and make them happen. There's never been a more strategic way to be reminded of our goals than by wearing them on a fashionable bangle, a constant reminder of what we must do to succeed." Ky Joseph

Be BanglesBe Bangles™ come in Classic Black or Dark Brown. All script is ivory.

Be Bangles™ are currently available scripted with 10 motivating and inspiring phrases, among them, my personal favorites.

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Be BanglesBe Bangles™ are shipped in a beautiful gift box with a long, satin ribbon and include the following description inside.

"Be Bangles™ are premium quality bangles, uniquely scripted with action phrases intended to keep you focused on your goals so they become a reality."

Seize the opportunity and take a chance
Make an impact and stand out

Price: $25 CAN per unit plus shipping and handling of $7.99. Shipping available to Canada and the United States.

A generous portion of all proceeds will be donated to various Women's Shelters.

Please allow 2 weeks for delivery. Contact us via email if you need a RUSH order.

Price: $25 CAN per unit plus shipping and handling
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Ky Joseph: Media Executive - Leader - Business Coach - Speaker - Entrepreneur - Author - TV Personality - Flauntrepreneur