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Not too long ago, I saw Christopher Gardner “In Pursuit Of Happiness” as he shared his personal story of heart-ache, struggle, challenge and victory on the road from rags to riches. He said something I have always believed to be true especially when you’re trying to become a success in life. “Be world class at something”. This may sound like a relatively passive or simple statement but it’s got an extremely powerful meaning behind it. There are millions of people dissatisfied with their current work situation yet they remain complacent because it’s either comfortable or the easy thing to do. Let me share something with you; achieving anything great is never easy! Be the person you are capable of becoming, be world class at something.

If you find the one thing you are truly passionate about and have a natural talent for, you will be able to impress the world with it (if you care to). If you’re still trying to figure out just what that “world class” thing might be, don’t worry, you’re not alone. But you have to start by asking yourself many questions on the road to self-discovery and self-creation and this is an important first step. Write down all the things you love to do and the things you have a natural gift for. You too will be “In Pursuit of Your Own Happiness” and on your way to creating the person you were meant to become.

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