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 One of the strongest of all human motivators is Personal achievement

Ky Joseph’s talent and business savvy are the guiding characteristics that helped her become a successful business woman in an industry previously dominated by men. She is the Executive Vice President of Sales for The Evanov Radio Group, one of the countries fastest growing independent broadcast corporations and shares in ownership of the company’s three most recent radio station acquisitions. Her professionalism, integrity and business accomplishments in media were acknowledged by her peers during “Canadian Music Week 2008” where she was presented with The Rosalie Tromblay Award, which honors trailblazing woman in broadcasting.

Ky’s career in broadcasting is vast both on the business development side and on-camera. On the business side, Ky was instrumental in creating systems and strategies to build radio stations from the ground up, including all elements of marketing, promotions and sales. She successfully built six medium and major market broadcast sales forces across the country, virtually propelling her company to unprecedented profitability and success. As a result, she was promoted to VP of Sales and became one of the Country’s youngest female executive’s in broadcasting.

Her on-camera credits include hosting and co-producing Destination-X travel show, host on The Shopping Channel in Canada and QVC in the U.S., host of infomercials for Fortune 500 companies and she holds rank as the first female host of Let’s Build, a home renovation series on HGTV.

As an active speaker, Ky presents seminars and workshops on the topics of business, management, personal branding and sales mastery with a high-energy style that is both inspiring and contagious. She is an accredited business coach and a regular magazine and newspaper columnist sharing tips on how to succeed in business using the power of self-branding strategies.

With almost two decades of business experience, Ky has combined the elements she is most passionate about, Self-Promotion and Personal Achievement and recently launched Flauntrepreneur Magazine™ - Self branding strategies for business achievers, a popular e-publication and on-line resource inspiring individuals to achieve higher levels of success by understanding and using the success principles of personal branding.

Born with an innate sensibility for business and natural compassion for people, Ky has coached hundreds of individuals over the last decade to locate their inner business strengths in order to achieve maximum success.

Her three year old daughter, Reine, is confirmation that women who are hard-wired to succeed in business, like Ky, are able to balance a demanding career while maintaining a happy and healthy family life at the same time.

Ky is a proud member of Canadian Women In Communications (CWC) - Woman in Broadcasting Trailblazer Tribute, a board member on the Humber College Advisory Committee for Media Studies, Community Liaison for William Osler Hospital's Perinatal Bereavment Committee and founder of Ever Lasting Little Angels (E.L.L.A.) a not-for-profit organization dedicated to helping parents who have lost a baby.



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