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 When you reach a certain level of expertise in any business, the tables turn and opportunity seeks you out

Brad LambBrad Lamb knew years ago that if he created a strong brand in himself, the world would eventually become his oyster, the real estate world that is. Brad is a self proclaimed flauntrepreneur and damn proud of it, with good reason. He has major bragging rights and doesn’t hold back in that area whatsoever. And why should he, with the top condo brokerage firm in Canada’s largest city, real estate developments all over the world, a personal real estate portfolio that would impress Donald Trump and a TV show to top it all off. So how exactly did this 6 foot 5 giant go about creating the Brad J. Lamb brand? Aside from the fact that he is intelligent, creative and driven, he felt there was a flaw in the current real estate brokerage model and thought there was a more effective way to run the business. By understanding the psychological make-up of sales agents, he focused on ways to get more productivity from the people that close the deals. Because sales people love the selling side of the job but hate the administrative and cold calling aspects, he created a structure within his own organization that was conducive to the nature of the sales people. He hand picked the best agents to join his sales team and employed an exceptionally large office staff who are responsible for the tasks that agents dislike, including soliciting new clients and administrative functions.

This leaves the agents free to focus strictly on selling. And selling they do, with over 2000 condo sales in 2007, accounting for over $8 billion in real estate transactions. Of course there is a hefty price for the agents to pay for having such lavish office services; 50% of their sales commissions. Even with this atypically high commission split in favor of the broker, Brad affirms this template works well for his agents who make a lot more money than most.

With a line-up of agents wanting to work for Brad Lamb Realty, he insists the business model is the best in the business.

Brad deems it essential to impress clients in business and feels it’s a necessity to look more successful than you actually are. His agents are all mandated to dress stylish, wear a very expensive watch and drive nothing less than a Porsche, Mercedes or BMW.

Brad LambHe then launched what is probably one of the most memorable ad campaigns the city has yet to see. He stuck his big, bald head on the body of a fluffy lamb and plastered the ads all over the city. Believe me, if you’ve ever seen one of his ads, you’d remember the name Brad Lamb. The campaign may not have been a good one from all marketing accounts but it was most certainly an effective one and that’s really all that counts. With advertising placed all over the city, he soon gained major notoriety among the public as the Condo Specialist he set out to become. Throw all this together in a pot with good business practice, an outstanding track record, a promise to deliver and consistent and continual branding and you’ve got one great product (and brand).

Before long, the press started calling him every time an expert’s advice was needed on the current state of the condo market.

As all smart flauntrepreneurs know, you can never let your brand remain idol. Brad used each accolade to reach higher levels of achievement. If you look on his website, you’ll read 20 reasons to choose Brad Lamb Reality to buy or sell a condo. Think of the “20 reasons to choose Brad Lamb” as a flight of stairs, each “reason”, a step, elevating him on his journey to become a more recognized brand. To this day, he continues building his image and for that reason, no one comes close to being the condo specialist he has worked so hard to become. And finally, when you reach a certain level of expertise in any business, the tables turn and opportunity seeks you out. Developers now approach him to put the Brad Lamb name on projects knowing they will sell. In fact, Brad feels if his name is on a project, it has a better chance of being successful. He was also approached by a television producer who asked him to host a TV series and hence, Big City Broker now airs on HGTV with Brad as the star of the show. Although he was enormously successful before the launch of Big City Broker, Brad feels the show gave him the nationwide appeal he didn’t previously have and already sees new opportunities as a result of this broader scope. He’s constantly looking for new and viable opportunities to expand his wealth and his brand as a result of it.

As one of North America’s most successful and influential real estate moguls, Brad Lamb is on top of the world and that makes him our Flauntrepreneur of the month.

Brad can be reached at www.torontocondos.com.

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